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In related news Treasury Issues Warning Going into Tax


treasury Department officials took the preemptive step on Monday of warning taxpayers that the upcoming tax seasi which begins on January 24 and will run through April 18, will be messy and could see delays. Pointing to staffing shortages and paperwork backlogs, officials said taxpayers will likely face frustrations similar to those of last year’s tk season. Potential problem areas include delays in the processing of refunds and returns as well as difficulty in reachi IRS. As of mid-November 2021 , the IRS had a backlog of roughly 8.6 million returns left to process. In a separate statement, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig said IRS is not able to provide the level of service taxpayers deserve a said that more resources for the agency are essential.

It is more important than ever that NAEA and other stakeholders continue to advocate for fixes to this broken system

NATP Advocates for

Part of being the top association for advocating for our members* NAT P professional organizations AICPA, take immediate action to reduce tax filing season.

Requested actions include:

Discontinuing automated devote the necessary resources matter

Aligning requests for account process any penalty abatement Offering a reasonable cause first time abate (FTA) taxpayers’ eligibility for FTA Providing taxpayers with estimated tax penalty and the 2021 tax year

The IRS has an unprecedented to years before the pandemic. This liens and levies. Additionally, we calls and only 3% of calls regarding appreciate the IRS recognizes this actions have not yet been taken.

As we continue to work through advocate on your behalf for the  professional success.

Read the full letter now.

Immediate IRS Action tax professionals in the country means recently sent a letter, along with other

NAEA, NSTP and NSA, urging the IRS to unnecessary burdens during this upcoming

compliance actions until the IRS is prepared to for a proper and timely resolution of theholds with the time it takes the IRS to requests penalty waver, similar to the procedures of waiver, without affecting the in future tax years  targeted relief from both the underpayment of late payment penalty for the 2020 and number of unprocessed returns in comparison resulted in numerous mistargeted notices, know the IRS is only answering 9% of all individual income tax returns, Though we situation is frustrating for ail, reasonable these unprecedented times, NAT P will and support you need for continued

January 14, 2022

The Honorable Lily Batchelder                                  The Honorable Charles P. Rettig

Assistant Secretary (Tax Policy)                                 Commissioner

Department of the Treasury                                        Internal Revenue Service

1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW                              1 1 1 1 Constitution Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20220                                              Washington, DC 20224

RE: Relief for Taxpayers for the 2022 Filing Season

Dear Assistant Secretary Batchelder and Commissioner Rettig:

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic (commonly known as “Coronavirus”) has created unforeseen and long-lasting difficulties for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS or “Service”), taxpayers and tax professionals alike. As we start a third tax filing season under a new variant of the Coronavirus, the Department of the Treasury (“Treasury”) and the IRS “are under no illusions that it’s going to go smoothly.” I Though we appreciate that the IRS recognizes that it is frustrating for all, including the IRS, that the IRS is “unable to deliver the amount of service and enforcement that our taxpayers and tax system deserves and needs,”2 the Service has not taken reasonable actions that would meaningfully reduce unnecessary burdens during this upcoming tax filing season.

Currently, the IRS still has an unprecedented number of unprocessed returns in comparison to years before the pandemic. Consequently, the IRS sends numerous mistargeted notices, liens and levies, Additionally, the IRS is only answering 9 percent of all calls and only 3 percent of calls regarding individual income tax returns which prevents taxpayers from resolving these straightforward issues. To reduce the need for taxpayers and tax professionals to communicate with the IRS due to the persistent and erroneous notices, Treasury and the IRS should:

The Honorable Lily Batchelder The Honorable Charles P. Rettig

January 14, 2022

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  • Discontinue automated compliance actions until the IRS is prepared to devote the necessary resources for a proper and timely resolution of the matter.4
  • Align requests for account holds with the time it takes the IRS to process any penalty abatement requests.

Offer a reasonable cause penalty waiver, similar to the procedures of first time abate (FTA) administrative waiver, without affecting the taxpayer’s eligibility for FTA in future tax years.

Provide taxpayers with targeted relief from both the underpayment of estimated tax penalty and the late payment penalty for the 2020 and 2021 tax year.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created enormous challenges for taxpayers, tax professionals and the IRS. It is time to take steps to ameliorate the situation. Implementing reasonable penalty relief measures, that the IRS can offer immediately, are necessary to help not only taxpayers and tax professionals but also the IRS during these challenging times.

We appreciate that IRS staff are already processing a meeting request so that we can elaborate on our recommendations and respond directly to any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting soon.


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